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Can you supply a venue search and escort us around the island?

After we have confirmed a date for your free consultation, you will receive a selection of venues. Once you have chosen the venues you want to view we will arrange a day out to explore your options.

Can you plan the entire wedding and coordinate the day?

Of course, it would be an absolute pleasure. After your consultation we can begin to plan and design your wedding until the execution. Also if you just wish for a coordinator on the day, this service is also available.

Can you arrange a villa or boat party?

Yes we can! We can arrange for your event, wedding or pre/post party to be held on a boat or at a villa with all the trimmings.

Can you provide quotes for catering, bar, music and lighting?

This is completely included within the service provided. Please allow me to explain more during your consultation.

It shall be perfect!

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